LGBTQ WorldWide Network Solution

Make The World a Better Place


Creating a Social Networking Community IOS & Android App with support LGBTQ Peoples from Around The World.

The Goal

The opportunity to participate in the LGBTQ community, from Around The World.

Ability to create Own Community.

Communicate among themselves, in any languages, using technical capabilities.

Legal support for LGBTQ community.

LGBTQ Blockchain Solution for Peoples from Around The World.

  • Our mission is to bring strength and knowledge of new blockchain technologies to the human world.
    The LGBTQ population is about 10% of the total population of the Planet - 700 million people.
    The potential of the LGBTQ blockchain is inexhaustible. Total turnover and services alone reach $ 5 trillion.

  • Hotels, restaurants, vacation planning, entertainment centers are some of the many industries where the technology will be applied. Your phone will turn into a center of knowledge and entertainment. Money transfers to family, friends? Easy, instant and minimal transaction cost.

  • In addition to the monetary side, technology can help in attracting knowledge and changing the situation for the better, in countries with a negative attitude towards LGBTQ people, preserving and transmitting various information.

  • The ability to create a digital database, each user will be able to add, edit, verify and review objects. Easy search and categorization of objects.

  • Are you in an unfamiliar country? Want to know the safe LGBTQ places that local LGBTQ people recommend? You will find it easy.

  • Perhaps you just want to learn more information, understand yourself and finf friends, but do not know where in your country it is possible to do this. We will help you with this.

  • In the future, we plan to cooperate with LGBTQ organizations from Around The World.